The following are examples of artwork by the artist Boban. Some pieces displayed may be examples of commissioned works that have already been sold. All artwork availability is subject to prior sale.

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About the Artist

“I want my sculptures fused with the sparks of life, poised at the last moment of balance.”

Energetic figures, posed at the brink of balance, animate the mythological world of sculptor Boban. Athletes and angels, heroes and artists, musicians with violins or exotic horns are captured in metal at the most dynamic moment of their creative act. “I want to sculpt the highest moment – the moment when my figures reach to the sky like the spires of a cathedral. I want to express that electric impulse. I want my sculptures to be fused with the sparks of life, poised at the last moment of balance. My figures are leaders, winners in the human experience.”

Boban, a native of Yugoslavia, was trained in art at the prestigious Belgrade Academy of Art before arriving in the United States in 1991, in search of artistic liberty and opportunity. Rigorous academic training in Belgrade, reinforced by the nurturing of master of art Nandor Glid, imbued Boban with the knowledge, truth, honesty and moral sustenance required to live the life of an artist.

For Boban, the spoon has taken on a spiritual dimension, representing the nourishment of the human soul in its dynamic path towards personal fulfillment, power, creativity and success. Boban creates powerful maquettes by fusing, bending and shaping spoon elements in the welding process. With his fiery welding torch, the artist maneuvers the flow of molten energy into mythological metal human shapes, infusing warmth and dimension into cold metal.

Boban’s sculptures grace major collections throughout the world. Hyatt Hotel owner, Jay Pritzker, film and musical star Tony Bennett, and notable figures in the world of sports are collectors and have often become Boban’s personal friends. Monumental versions of Boban’s works include the “Shaka Zulu” in Chicago and the sculpture of “Pegasus” in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Commissions for McDonalds are displayed at their corporate headquarters and a Boban sculpture commissioned by Exxon-Mobil is part of their private collection in Texas. Internationally and nationally lauded, Boban received the Award of Excellence at the Port Clinton Art Festival and has made appearances on “Good Morning America,” “Wild Chicago” and “Starting Over,” garnering the artist major public acclaim and accolades.