Carole Katchen

The following are examples of artwork by the artist Carole Katchen. Some pieces displayed may be examples of commissioned works that have already been sold. All artwork availability is subject to prior sale.

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About the Artist


Katchen began her art career in Colorado, a last bastion of realistic painting, but even there her work was unique. She avoided nostalgic depictions of cowboys and Indians, focusing instead on the emotional reality of people in buses, markets, and cafes. With the help of her mentor, artist Pawel Kontny, she found a small, but enthusiastic audience for her art and decided then to make it her life. Since then her art has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and books on 6 continents.

Carole’s paintings are deceptively simple. Compositions are precisely organized for maximum balance and eye-movement. Every surface is carefully built with 15-25 layers of pastel or oil to achieve the perfect color, value, and texture. Most important, every image is designed to convey a conversation: Who are these people? What are they saying, thinking, feeling? Through the years she has expanded her subject matter to include musicians and dancers, masters of the kitchen and the darlings of society. She focuses on facial expression, body language, and relative placement to reveal the personalities of her subjects and the subtleties of their relationships.

Even in her landscapes, she cuts out the unnecessary, using expressive shape and color to convey a unique atmosphere. She wants her viewer to know that this is one moment in time; it will never come again. Katchen has achieved numerous honors and award for her painting skill. She received the Master Pastellist designation from Pastel Society of America in 1996. Her two books on pastel painting are considered classics. She has written a total of 15 art instruction books on a wide range of subjects, published in French, German, Dutch, Chinese and English. She has also lectured on art in universities from California to Shanghai.