Shwan Ziwar

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About the Artist

Shwan Ziwar is an Iraq born, abstract artist. He is now based in Toronto, Canada. Shwan’s original work hangs in galleries and private collections around the world. Shwan was educated at Italy’s Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia. During his study, he was attracted to several artists such as Bori, Tapies, miro and later to the American abstract painters in the Action Painting group (such as Jackson Pollock) as well as the Dutch painter Willem de Kooning.

Shwan used unusual materials and invented new techniques for his paintings. His style could be referred to as the evolution of abstract expressionism. He developed two approaches to his art. The first, more aesthetic, pays particular attention to the composition of the painting, while the second is more playful.

Shwan has lived, visited, and exhibited around the world in the more than 35 years since he left Iraq. He has had more than 50 solo shows and collective exhibitions, notably in Italy, Asia, Canada, and the United States. His works are part of several prestigious collections including the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Ziwar describes his style as “Shwanism,” which he describes as “a production that incorporates color and movement and love.” His dominant themes include flowers, men, faces, women, images embedded in lines, waves, landscapes, love, and humor.

“I feel the most happy when I, as a human being, can be helping another human being.
I want to be able to say that I have helped even one person. I believe that my art is making such a difference.”